Sunday, April 26, 2009

Writing a Great Pay-Per-Click Ad

Our Pay-Per-Click Website Consulting team recently launched a pay per click campaign for a client that is averaging over a 10% click-through-rate and over a 10% conversion rate (which is being defined as a visitor completing a contact me form).

Prior to deducting for costs, each conversion is worth approximately $5,344.80 (based on an average retention (2.4 years) and yearly spend rate of the conversion ($2,227)). The actual profit per conversion is $1,863.80 ($5,344.80 – $3,481 in actual overhead costs to manufacture and distribute the products).

There are 3 parts of the why the campaign is running so successfully. Analysis on bids on keyword phrases, well written ads and effective landing pages. For this week we’ll just explain how the ads were well written.

Image Skin Care
Estheticians Only
Free $100 Product Kit

What makes this ad so well written that its receiving a click through and conversion rate of over 10%?

  • Headline – Includes a Long Tail Keyword Phrase
  • Description Line 1 – Pre-qualifies the traffic so money isn't spent on traffic that cannot convert.
  • Description Line 2 – Is the "hook" of the ad. The company is giving away a free $100 gift with for each qualified conversion.
  • URL – Contains the keyword phrase again (but has been removed in our example above for privacy reasons) and a unique value proposition (although "top distributor" could probably be improved).

To learn more about our Pay-Per-Click Website Consultingservices contact our website consultingteam.

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