Sunday, May 24, 2009

SEO Questions Regarding Quality over Quantity

RWeb Consulting offers Internet Marketing Website Consulting services that include search engine optimization analysis.

Some common questions that are asked to search engine optimization vendors and why some answers are more valuable to you than others.

1. Will my site be ranked number 1 on a keyword?

Who cares if you are number 1 on a keyword if no-one searches for that keyword?

2. How much additional traffic should I get from SEO?

You might get a huge increase in traffic but are those visitors converting into customers?

3. What percentage of visits will come from non-branded keyword phrases?

Your website is probably ranking on its company name already (eg. this site ranks number 1 for the search term "rweb consulting") so make sure the additional traffic is coming from highly relevant keywords directly related to your business.

4. How many visitors from non-branded keywords will convert?

Are the keywords you are optimizing your website for related to someone that is ready to convert (eg. buy something) or still looking (research type keywords)?

5. How many leads and/or conversions should I expect after optimizing my website?

It doesn’t always make sense to focus a SEO engagement on metrics related to visits. It can sometimes be more important to get 1 conversion from 5 visitors than a million visits that viewed one page of your website and then immediately left.

At RWeb Consulting we have worked on websites where it made more sense to focus the SEO engagement to optimizing technical PDFs which ended up attracting less than half a dozen new visits per month but converted at least 1 of these visitors (into a $30+K sale).

Bottom line: SEO is usually more about quality not quantity.

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