Saturday, July 11, 2009

Research vs. Buying Intent Keywords

In my "What Makes a Good Keyword" blog I wrote about how important it is to do a through analysis of potential keywords before investing the effort optimizing your website or launching a pay-per-click campaign

If your website sells a product or service, keep in mind the most probably intent of the user between different keywords. Is the user just browsing the Internet on a subject or is it more likely they are ready to make a purchase?

For example, imagine you have a website that sells all types of shoes and are considering which of the following keywords to optimize your website for: "top shoes", "running shoes", "ASICS Gel-1130". In general, the more specific a keyword search is ("ASICS Gel-1130” in our example) the more likely it is that the user is ready to make a purchase and not just researching the subject ("shoes" in our example) anymore.

Beware: While identifying keywords with buying intent (or whatever your definition of a site conversion is) verify the number of searches on the keyword phrase (by using a tool like Google’s External Keyword Tool). Many keywords that are buying orientated are less searched upon but you’ll find that you will be able convert more of these visitors.

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